Pharmacy Operations

Doing more with less is the new reality for most pharmacy operations managers today.
Budget cuts, staff shortages and lack of resources for new capital equipment all lead to increased pressure on pharmacy operations teams.

Increasing staffing without new FTEs
Many hospital pharmacies are facing an increased workload, whether due to new initiatives, bringing sterile compounding back into the pharmacy or increased patient census. Unfortunately, additional staffing is not always provided which causes stress and strain on pharmacy resources. By using Safecor Health’s unit-dose packaging services, many pharmacies have been able to free up valuable technician and pharmacist time from packaging operations, while still getting all their products in unit-dose form. This allows them to re-assign these FTEs to more critical pharmacy projects and tasks.

No capital, no problem
Several years ago, many hospital pharmacies purchased some type of unit-dose packaging equipment. As this equipment is reaching (or has reached) the end of its life expectancy, pharmacies are discovering they aren’t able to replace it due to the lack of capital equipment funding. This causes a new dilemma, how can we meet our unit-dose packaging needs with old, outdated equipment that is constantly breaking down? The answer is … don’t. Safecor Health offers a great alternative to high priced, complicated packaging equipment that your staff has difficulty operating. Safecor Health’s packaging services are priced on a per-dose basis, which means you pay only for what you order. This dynamic pricing model adjusts as your needs adjust to account for fluctuations in census, services and facility expansion.

Unit-dose packaging service streamlines existing processes
Unit-dose packaging is a necessary process in every hospital pharmacy, but it is not a core competency. Pharmacies package in-house not because they want to, but because they have to. Pharmacy directors have a proven option to reduce in-house unit-dose packaging workload, while improving quality and reducing packaging costs… Safecor Health.

Safecor Health is fully integrated into the pharmacy supply chain. Using a wholesaler bill to/ship to account, the pharmacy orders those products it wants Safecor Health to repackage directly from their wholesaler, using their GPO pricing. The wholesaler delivers the bulk product to Safecor Health. After repackaging the product according to hospital specifications, Safecor Health ships the drugs to the hospital for dispensing.