Pharmacy Buyers

buyerthumbsupUnit-dose drug shortages can be a source of increase stress and workload for pharmacy buyers.
Dealing with drug shortages has become part of every pharmacy buyer’s daily life, since adequate supply of critical medications is a key to providing quality patient care. Unit-dose drugs are especially susceptible to shortages, resulting in buyers purchasing more expensive unit-dose alternative brands or purchasing the bulk drug when no other option exists. Placing the daily wholesaler drug order is no longer an easy task, requiring the buyer to make some critical purchasing decisions to insure the availability of medications.

Maintaining the supply of unit-dose drugs within your existing supply chain
Safecor Health’s unit-dose packaging service gives pharmacy buyers options to maintaining adequate supply of unit-dose drug, without increasing in-house packaging burdens or purchasing more expensive products from non-approved, gray market suppliers. When unit-dose products are backordered by your wholesaler or discontinued by the manufacturer, pharmacy buyers can usually purchase the same product in bulk bottles ay GPO prices. The wholesaler can deliver it directly to Safecor Health and the hospital will receive the product a few days later in unit-dose packaging ready to dispense. The process is simple and fully integrated into the existing wholesaler supply chain.

The key advantage of Safecor Health’s services is that the pharmacy buyer maintains complete control of the process deciding what drugs to order, when and how many.

Leveraging the Safecor Health relationship can reduce drug costs
Many hospital pharmacies purchase what is available in commercial unit-dose and package only those products that are not available. The primary goal is to keep in-house packaging needs to a minimum. That strategy makes sense if your pharmacy staff is doing the packaging in-house. Pharmacy buyers can now leverage Safecor Health’s packaging services and strategically take advantage of the cost savings between commercial unit-dose and bulk drugs. Safecor Health can help hospital buyers identify those products that are less expensive in bulk, even with Safecor Health packaging fees factored in. One 400 bed hospital pharmacy reduced their drug costs by over $70,000 annually by implementing Safecor Health’s packaging strategies.