To buy in bulk or to buy in unit-dose formats?

Catch-22: Buy medications in unit-dose or buy in bulk and repackage? [Infographic]

For the past few decades, unit-dose packaging has become the golden standard for hospital pharmacies that want to provide patients with the best possible quality of care. Unfortunately, things are changing. Between the need for bar-coded medication administration and hard-to-follow medication safety initiative requirements, many hospital pharmacies are struggling to obtain all of their required medications in unit-dose, bar-coded formats at a cost-per-dose that fits within their always shrinking budgets.

As a result, pharmacy managers are in a Catch-22 situation: Do they buy medications in bulk and repackage in-house or should they just continue to pay the high price associated with getting those drugs in unit-dose formats?

The problem
First things first, it's clear that the cost of medications won't decrease in the foreseeable future. In fact, it's not an overstatement to say that drug prices are skyrocketing. Since 2015, generic drug costs rose 2.93%, specialty medications prices went up 9.21% and branded pharmaceutical rates increased 14.77%. Suffice it to say, the cost of unit-dose packaged medications is rising just as steeply.

So, to reduce spending in this economy, many hospital pharmacies are buying medications in bulk and repackaging those drugs into unit-dose formats. However, in-house repackaging isn't a silver bullet. The cost of self-packaging can negate the per-dose savings from purchasing in bulk due to labor costs, capital expense of equipment, the investment required to maintain quality standards and the price associated with remaining compliant with regulatory bodies.

Hospital pharmacies are asking "How can I get medications at the lowest possible price per dose and in the unit-dose, bar-coded formats I need?"

The solution
And Safecor Health has the answer: "Work with us!"

Hospital pharmacies have the best of both worlds: Unit-dose, barcoded, packaged medications without any staffing or equipment costs, if they purchase medications on-contract, in bulk and rely on Safecor Health to repackage those drugs into unit-dose formats. That way, pharmacists can spend their time and resources on patient care – not repackaging drugs.

With Safecor Health as a repackaging partner, hospital pharmacies can conveniently and cost-effectively order medications in bulk quantities yet receive them in unit-dose, bar-coded packaging. Furthermore, Safecor Health allows these pharmacies to decrease operational and drug spending while improving safety and pharmacy operations.

Better yet, Safecor Health provides a wide range of repackaging formats: oral solids, oral liquids, Schedule II-V medications, pediatric standardized doses, robot-ready and many others, ensuring that hospital pharmacies have the drugs they require in a format that suits their patients' need.

For more information on repackaging bulk, on-contract medications, check out this infographic!